Although there are many benefits to allowing pets on a property, there’s a reason why many landlords and property managers shy away from pet programs – they’re complicated. Managing pets on properties can be a cumbersome task, especially with multiple units to look after. That’s where pet management software comes into play. These solutions allow property staff to easily manage resident animals and document pet-related details all in one place. 

When examining pet management software solutions, be sure you’re choosing the right one to meet your needs. Although there are many options on the market today, not all include the necessary tools to optimally manage your pet program.

Here are the top features that any robust pet management software should offer to ensure an ironclad pet management operation.

Best features of pet management software for properties

Online Pet Profiles

One of the primary features of modern pet management software is the ability to maintain a database of pet profiles. These digital records contain full details of all pets living on a property. This allows property managers to quickly access information such as vaccination records, emergency contact details, and behavior history for each animal as needed. Notes can also be added to keep profiles up to date.  

These records can prove to be vital in the event of incidents related to pets on property. For example, tracking behavior history in profiles can allow management to identify pets that regularly cause problems, such as property damage or aggressive behavior. Documentation is key to ensure that any issues can be properly addressed.

Pet Screening Tools

If you’re going to allow pets on your property, it’s wise to understand everything about these animals before they move in. Pet screening tools do just that. These solutions allow management to verify information such as vaccinations, emotional support animal (ESA) documentation, weight, and breed. Pet mapping solutions are also available to track pets in certain areas of the property.

The ultimate benefit of using pet screening tools is risk mitigation. Verifying that on-property pets have the right vaccinations, for example, can help prevent disease outbreaks and ensure compliance with local laws. Your pet policy is only strong if it’s enforced. These solutions allow you to be sure that all residents are adhering to the guidelines, ensuring a safe and hospitable environment for everyone.

Resident Communication Tools

Especially for larger, multi-unit properties, software that allows management and residents to communicate directly can be very useful. Tenants can easily log into these portals and ask questions, submit tickets, or notify staff of any issues that may crop up. This helps management address issues sooner and leads to better tenant satisfaction.

When it comes to pets, these communication channels can be useful for both tenants and property managers alike. If any pet-related issues arise, such as loud noise, rowdy behavior, or property damage, residents can submit feedback and complaints in the moment. Staff members then have a record of the incident and can address the issue promptly before it escalates any further.

Using pet management tool can save you from pet-damages

Integration with Property Management Systems

A solid property management system is the lifeblood of any residential complex. It allows management to control all relevant information related to tenants and units in one place. For properties that permit pets on premises, the ability to integrate pet management into their existing platform allows for easier access to information without the need to switch between systems.

Cross-platform integration ensures that all information is housed in one place, allowing any team member to access pet profiles, pet screening results, and resident communication logs directly from the property management system. This not only saves time and hassle but also allows for improved oversight over all resident animals.

Value-added Features

While online pet profiles, pet screening tools, and resident communication channels can help you better manage your property’s pet program, there are several other value-added features that pet management software can offer to enhance residents’ experiences. For example, if you have pet-related amenities on site such as a dog park or wash stations, perhaps consider integrating a reservations system that allows tenants to reserve time or spaces as needed.

Other features can include information about pet-related social events in the community or updates regarding pet health and wellness. Tenants who are new to the area may also appreciate recommendations for veterinarians, emergency services, boarding facilities, and pet-friendly parks and restaurants. Ultimately, these features can help promote responsible pet ownership and improve resident satisfaction.

OurPetPolicy is the Ultimate Pet Management Solution 

If you’re a landlord or property manager looking for a new pet management system, you have a number of options to choose from. But, it pays to be picky. Not all platforms are created equal. Some only specialize in specific features, such as a tenant portal or pet profiles. For an all-in-one solution that integrates seamlessly with existing property management systems, look no further than OurPetPolicy.

The OurPetPolicy portal allows property management to add and update pet profiles, verify ESA eligibility, customize policies, and process applications for new pets on your property. It also features an easy-to-use tenant portal, allowing residents to update profiles and communicate directly with management as needed. Management teams rave about the useful inclusions within the tool and the valuable information it provides to all staff members. If you’re going to invest, it’s worthwhile to ensure your chosen solution actually provides the features you need to manage your pet program successfully.

Bottom Line

Managing pets on properties can be a daunting task. However, the use of pet management software can greatly simplify the process by providing an all-in-one solution for managing and verifying resident animals. When selecting pet management software, it’s important to choose a platform with the necessary features to optimally manage your pet program. Such features include online pet profiles, pet screening tools, resident communication channels, integration with property management systems, and other value-added options depending on what your property offers. 

OurPetPolicy is an example of a comprehensive pet management solution that provides all of these tools, making it the ultimate pet management solution for landlords and property managers. If you’re looking to optimize your on-property pet program, try OurPetPolicy today.


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