Pet Management Done Right

Pet Management Platform

Landlord Tech offers the one and only comprehensive pet management platform designed to solve the challenges property owners and property managers face when it comes to renting.

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ESA Verification

Landlord Tech provides an industry leading ESA verification program that is able to recognize fraudulent ESA letters in compliance with state and federal law.

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Animal Mapping

Knowing what, and where, animals are residing in your properties can have a direct impact on your bottom line. Not only benefiting you, but all of your non-pet owning and pet-owning residents as well. A win-win.

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What Property Managers Have to Say

As an on-site manager I have pets walk by me all day and with over 200 units there is no way I can try to look those animals up in our regular software. With OurPetPolicy and the Pet Mapping App, it is so fast and easy to find if an animal is registered and the maintenance staff has access as well.


Property Manager, Boise, ID

We were having issues with identifying pets and didn’t have a good way to verify Emotional Support Animals. After looking at all of the options available, OurPetPolicy has the most useful tools included in their software package and is the best fit for us. They are great in working closely with our staff and following up with our tenants, which takes a lot of work off of our property managers.


Regional Manager, Lehi, UT

I’ve been in the Multi-housing space for 2 decades now, and animals are always a headache to deal with for property managers and property owners. By giving the property managers tools to be successful at managing these pets by quickly identifying them, having all assistance animals properly vetted, and being able to see that data in real-time, is invaluable.


Multi-Housing Investor, Boise Idaho

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Manage Pet and Assistance Animal Requests

Manage Pet and Assistance Animal Requests

Fraudulent ESA letters are a growing problem in residential real estate. Over 50% of ESA letters are fraudulent. With lost pet rent, no pet deposit, pet damage, and problems with tenants not following pet rules, improper management of fake ESAs can result in huge losses to property owners and headaches for property managers.

Develop a Strong Community

Develop a Strong Community

We offer initial training for all property managers and provide them with the resources they need to be prepared and organized for items such as pet and assistance animal accommodation requests. Liability and legal compliance are our specialties, and our process identifies and flags any fraudulent ESA and Service animal requests so your team doesn’t have to. This helps property managers focus on the task at hand, creating a positive and enjoyable living experience for residents.

Systematize Your Pet Program

Systematize Your Pet Program

Landlord Tech specializes in providing digital tools to help property owners and managers successfully manage pets and assistance animals at their rental properties. With a strong system in place, property owners can increase their revenue, decrease turnover rates, optimize their pet application and onboarding process, and hold tenants accountable for their animals.

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