Pet Command Center

Get Your Pet Program Out of the Dog House with OurPetPolicy

The complete multi-tenant platform for pet management

Happy Tenants, Happy Property Management

Landlord Tech specializes in providing digital tools to help property owners and managers successfully manage pets in their properties. Enter OurPetPolicy:

  • Easy pet management platform for landlords and tenants
  • Convert fraudulent ESAs into paying pet fees and deposits
  • Curriculum for tenants focused on reducing pet damage and complaints
  • Lawyer-vetted customizable policies
  • Animal mapping and complaint filing system

The OurPetPolicy platform is easy to implement, with easy to use on-boarding tools and platform management tools.

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Happy Tenants, Happy Property Management
Animal Mapping: Track Pets Across Your Properties
Take the Hassle out of ESA Letter Verification

Take the Hassle out of ESA Letter Verification

OurPetPolicy provides an industry leading ESA verification system that is able to recognize fraudulent ESA letters in compliance with state and federal laws.

  • Identify Fraudulent ESAs
  • Risk Management
  • Multi-step Verification
  • Liability Protection
  • Accommodate Legitimate Requests
  • Collect Pet Fees
  • Collect Pet Deposits
  • Reduce Pet Damage
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