OurPetPolicy was awarded by NARPM as the 2022 Affiliate of the Year

On December 8th, OurPetPolicy was awarded 2022 Affiliate of the Year by the SouthWest Idaho chapter of the National Associate of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). It was OurPetPolicy’s first time at the annual holiday dinner and the first time being recognized by the local chapter. 

Geoff Troxel, sales director of OurPetPolicy, described the event as “beautifully done” and stated that he “looks forward to supporting [the property managers] and [their] residents in 2023.” 

OurPetPolicy is the top pet management software for landlords and property managers

The entire team at OurPetPolicy is honored with this award and hopes to continue their excellent service of Idahoan property managers and residents for years to come. 

If you are a member of a different chapter of NARPM and are interested in learning more about how OurPetPolicy can help you with pet management on rental properties, please contact info@ourpetpolicy.com or schedule a demo with the team here.

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