Recently, there has been an increased demand for pet-friendly rental properties across North America. While this is exciting for new pet owners, unfortunately, property managers are faced with a new set of challenges when pets enter the building. Many new issues appear when a building is pet friendly, from having to screen pets to addressing pet-related incidents. Thankfully, there’s pet management software to help you handle it.

Let’s look at the benefits and ROI of using one such software, OurPetPolicy by Landlord Tech.

Pet management software for rental properties

Benefits of Pet Management Software

There are 4 main benefits to pet management software: improved pet screening, better resident communication, increased resident satisfaction, and reduced liability. Let’s go through the benefits of each in turn.

1. Improved Pet Screening. OurPetPolicy can streamline pet screening by providing automated screening tools. These ensure pets are up-to-date on vaccinations, verify emotional support animal letters, and prevent unauthorized pets from entering the property. It’ll save you time and reduces the risk of potential pet-related incidents.

2. Better Resident Communication. The software provides a centralized platform for residents to report pet-related issues and a place to communicate with property managers. This improves communication efficiency and promptly addresses pet-related issues, increasing resident satisfaction.

3. Increased Resident Satisfaction. OurPetPolicy also helps property managers deliver a better resident experience by providing resources on responsible pet ownership. Supporting residents with pets and providing clear information about pet-related policies makes them much more likely to be satisfied with their accommodations.

4. Reduced Liability. The software can help property managers mitigate risk by reducing liability for pet-related incidents. Incidents can include property damage and bites. By ensuring that pets are screened and up-to-date on vaccinations and providing resources on responsible pet ownership, OurPetPolicy can help reduce the risk of pet-related incidents

ROI of Pet Management Software

Beyond the benefits of OurPetPolicy, there is also a concrete ROI: case studies and data to support the use of pet management software for higher returns. See our ROI calculator and blog for additional resources.

1. Cost Savings. By reducing the staff time and resources needed for manually managing pets, OurPetPolicy helps property managers save money in the long run. For example, manual paperwork and follow-up calls are time-consuming and expensive. With OurPetPolicy, you get these tasks automated, saving you time and resources.

2. Increased Revenue. Beyond cost savings, OurPetPolicy can help generate additional revenue by offering services to the pets in the building. Beyond cost savings, OurPetPolicy can help generate additional revenue by offering pet addendums and guarantees, as well as, helping convert ESAs into paying pets. As a result, property managers can generate new revenue streams by adding these services to the building while delivering an overall better resident experience.

3. Improved Retention. Finally, an often neglected way pet management software can help ROI is by improving renter retention. By demonstrating an overall commitment to pet-friendly policies, renters will be more willing to stay through changing pet circumstances. This leads to better overall resident satisfaction, which can improve retention rates.

Other factors to consider and compare when selecting the appropriate pet management software are cost, ease of use, and customer support. You want a solution that fits your budget, is easy to use and understand and offers strong customer support if you run into any problems.

Choosing the Right Pet Management Software

You want to choose the right pet management software to ensure the most efficient, easy-to-use, and effective management of your pet policies. Here are 3 key features property managers can look for:

1. Pet Screening Tool. This tool ensures that only authorized pets can enter the property. The best pet management software offers a comprehensive screening process that verifies pet ownership, checks for all up-to-date vaccinations, and reviews all applicable documentation. For example, emotional support animal letters.

2. Online Pet Profiles. An online pet profile allows residents to create and manage an online profile for their pets, including photos, descriptions, and more information, such as breed, weight, and age. This can help residents and property managers keep track of the pets in the building, which helps monitor compliance and provides easy access to pet-related resources.

3. Resident Communication Tools. These tools allow property managers to create a centralized communication platform for everyone to communicate about problems and needs for pet-related issues. A fast and efficient communication system allows them to address concerns fast and effectively, which improves resident satisfaction and helps to mitigate risk.

Finally, you can customize most pet management software to the specific needs of different properties. Look into each one to be sure it has the features you need


In conclusion, we’ve seen how pet management software like OurPetPolicy by Landlord Tech offers numerous benefits and ROI to property managers. 

In particular, the software can help you to save time and resources, generate additional revenue through pet services, and improve overall retention rates through clear communication and pet-friendly policies. Don’t forget that it can also help reduce liability from property damage or a dog attack

That’s why we encourage all property managers to consider getting pet management software to improve all their pet management processes and deliver a better experience to residents. 

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