The Client was struggling with their pet program. There had been fraudulent ESA letters, significant property damage and serious bit incidents. It had put a tremendous amount of stress on the property management team, and was creating a bad reputation among tenants.

Landlord Tech completely changed the pet program for the client, from ESA letter verification, to onboarding, to on-going monitoring and management. Tenants have readily adopted the platform, and bad outcomes have been greatly reduced. The stress the property management teams and tenants were facing has all but been eliminated.

But best of all the Landlord Tech program returned a 527% ROI in 90 days, and the program paid for itself in 30 days. The Properties have been able to reduce fraud, improve tenant satisfaction, create a new revenue stream.

"Landlord Tech has completely revolutionized our pet management program. We feel like they're part of our team, and we work hand-in-hand to manage pets across our properties. They have been heaven sent."

- Property Manager

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Property managers and owners were able to increase revenue with OurPetPolicy pet management software

"We appreciate you and your team so much. You have relieved us of all the investigative work and we appreciate that so much! Plus, now we just get to enjoy the pets/animals without all the animosity that comes with registering a pet."

- Property Manager

Landlord Tech specializes in providing digital tools to help property owners and managers successfully manage pets in their properties. Our OurPetPolicy platform provides an integrated solution that helps to ensure there are no unauthorized pets at your property and create a lawyer-vetted pet policy for your rentals. If you're looking for an immediate return on investment, and peace of mind managing pets on your properties, then it's time to consider OurPetPolicy. Schedule a demo with us today.

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No more hassle and potential legal disputes. Professional pet policy contracts in minutes.

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