Integration between ResMan and OurPetPolicy
North America
Integration Partner


Plano, Texas, United States

ResManĀ® property management software supports your business growth and community engagement through a platform that better connects the Multifamily landscape. Our software empowers property managers and investors to operate, market and push their business forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ResMan to OurPet Policy Integration uses a standard API between the two systems that allows them to make bi-directional calls to each other. The two systems share customer data, keeping both in sync.

The ResMan to OurPet Policy Integration is a simple configuration between the two systems, which takes only moments to request and less than a week to fully implement.

A standard ResMan integration with OurPetPolicy does not require any professional or paid services to implement.

OurPetPolicy will be happy to walk you through this quick process, troubleshoot any issues, and train any new employees on how the integration works.

The ResMan integration is free to all of our customers that use the ResMan software.